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Cloud Solutions

Everyone is talking about "the cloud." But like many organizations, you have concerns. Is it safe? How do I prepare? Is there really a cost savings? My apps are not cloud ready, now what? SMS Software Technologies has the experience you are looking for to help you migrate infrastructure and applications to leading cloud providers and develop web and mobile applications in the cloud. SMS Software Technologies is the first managed Amazon Web Services consulting partner, managed partner for Azure and Office365.

Contact Us to take advantage of the numerous benefits of the cloud, which include:

  • Augmenting or replacing on premise resources
  • Elastic capacity handling for variable loads
  • Increase your ability to innovate by experimenting fast with low cost, low risk cloud resources
  • Reducing cost for hardware and spreading the cost out over time
  • Reducing workload associated with managing and maintaining hardware
  • Receiving automatic software upgrades with no rollout planning on your part

Web Applications

SMS Software Technologies has a proven track record of delivering sophisticated custom applications, business enablement platforms and complex integration solutions, not only on premise, but in the cloud. We can optimize and migrate your current web application to your preferred cloud provider, integrate third party applications as required or provision additional functionality.

Mobile Applications

There’s an app for that. If not? We can build one. Using SMS Software Technologies’s extensive development experience with the latest in mobile technology platforms, building a mobile app in the cloud is faster and easier than ever.


Moving to the cloud provides numerous benefits to your organization but downtime is not an option. SMS Software Technologies provides expert planning, designing, building and migrating of resources to ensure seamless enterprise integration and a successful cloud migration.


Cloud resources are so easy to deploy that they can easily get out of control. SMS Software Technologies can help you establish governance practices to prohibit rogue applications, control costs and enforce standards so that you always know what is going on.

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