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Operational Intelligence

SMS Software Technologies’s Operational Intelligence solutions provide real-time visibility of information, enabling you to make smarter decisions in time to maximize impact. Through advanced dashboards that offer real-time insight into business performance, health, and status you are able to take immediate action based on business policies and processes.

The IT systems and infrastructure that run your business generate massive volumes of data every day. The industry terms this information as BIG DATA - dynamic, unstructured and non-standard data containing a history of user transactions, customer behavior, security threats, fraudulent activity and more.

Today, organizations are challenged with turning the wealth of Big Data information into decision-making intelligence-Operational Intelligence. Having the ability to manage, process, and analyze these new data sources can provide a significantly better understanding of your customers, your business, and even your competition.

Intelligence In Action

  • Application Management: Monitor and troubleshoot your development and production applications
  • Microsoft Infrastructure Monitoring: Gain insight into your Microsoft Windows servers, desktops, and applications.
  • Business Analytics: Harness your machine data to gain valuable real-time insight for IT and the business.
  • IT Operations: Provide instant visibility and analysis across all your servers and network devices from one place.
  • Big Data: Deliver big data in days or weeks, integrate all your data sources for better visibility, insights and intelligence.
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